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Simple Personnel Action Form Template

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Employee Information


Employment Action


Employee Position & Status


Use the personnel action form to document:

  • An employee hire or re-hire
  • Pay change
  • Employee transfer
  • Termination
  • Title or position change
  • Leave of absence

Check out the template below:

What is a Personnel Action Form?

The personnel action form is used to report changes to an individual employee’s status. It documents when there’s a new hire, terminations, a change in salary, a transfer, or any other change that could happen to an employee’s job.

The beauty of a WPForm template is that you can fully customize it to fit your organization’s needs. We’ve included a signature field on the form, but it’s easy to remove that if you don’t need it.

You can also add custom fields that may be required by your company’s HR department or the manager of your team. It’s possible to add additional notifications if you’d like the form responses to be sent to more than one person.