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Scholarship Registration Form Template

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Educational Information

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Scholarship Details

Financial Information

Letters of Recommendation

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Personal Statement/Essay

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The Scholarship Registration Form Template by WPForms helps schools, colleges, and universities in need of a streamlined approach to managing applications.

How Does the Scholarship Registration Form Template Work?

The Scholarship Registration Form Template requires the WPForms Pro License, and the Signature Addon to collect necessary details from applications. Fields include:

  • Student Information:
    • Name: Collects the applicant’s full name for identification.
    • Date of Birth: Helps determine eligibility based on age requirements.
    • Gender: For demographic purposes and possibly gender-specific scholarships.
    • Email Address & Phone Number: Crucial for communication with applicants.
    • Residential Address: Provides contact information for mailing.
  • Educational Information:
    • Last School Attended & Year of Graduation: Gauges the educational background.
    • Area of Study & GPA/Percentage: Assesses academic achievements.
    • Intended College & Desired Major: Understands the applicant’s future plans.
  • Work Experience:
    • Position: To understand the job responsibilities of the candidate.
    • Company: For understanding where the applicant works.
    • Duration: Analyze the commitment of the candidate to their workplace.
  • Scholarship Details:
    • Discovery of Scholarship: Discovers how applicants learn about the scholarship.
    • Application Motivation: Why the applicant believes they are a good fit.
  • Financial Information:
    • Household Income: For scholarships that consider financial need.
    • Other Financial Aid: Information on additional scholarships or aid.
    • Estimated Cost of Education: Helps gauge the financial assistance required.
  • Letters of Recommendation:
    • Recommendation Letters: A file upload field to attach recommendation letters.
    • Recommender Contacts: Supports the application with references.
    • Personal Statement/Essay: Allows uploading a file to provide a personal statement.
  • Certification and Agreement:
    • Checkboxes: Ensures applicants agree to the scholarship terms.
    • Signature and Date: Finalizes the submission with a digital signature.

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