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Sales Order Form Template

List what you're selling and easily manage orders with Stripe.

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Need a sales order form to list what you’re selling and manage orders efficiently? Use this sales order form template for your business. Publish it on your website and watch the sales roll in!

What Is a Sales Order Form?

A sales order form allows a customer to request products or services from a seller, with complete order details. Once a sales order is received, the seller can arrange for the requested goods and deliver them to the buyer.

The WPForms sales order form template includes all the fields you’ll typically need to collect specifics of a sales order from customers.

The form starts with customer information, such as the name of the company and contact person, along with contact details and shipping address.

The second section of the form is focused on the order information. Customers can tick their desired items from the Checklist. The total price of the order will be instantly reflected in the total amount field right under the checklist.

The customer can then proceed to pay for the order via Stripe. The Stripe field in the form makes it really easy for customers to pay for the order and complete the form without any hassle. Remember that WPForms also supports other major payment gateways, including PayPal Commerce, Square, and Authorize.net, and you can easily integrate your preferred gateway in the form.

You may also want to edit the order items in the checklist by including the actual goods or services in you’re selling. You can edit as many times as you want using the drag-and-drop interface.

Get started with the WPForms sales order form template today and boost your sales. You’ll also get tons of extra features with your WPForms Pro subscription.