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Restaurant Application Form Template

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Are you authorized to work and remain in the United States?
Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
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The Restaurant Application Form Template is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline the hiring process for restaurants, cafes, etc. By collecting crucial applicant information into an easy-to-navigate form, restaurant and business owners can easily sort through candidates to find candidates who are best for their business.

How to Use The Restaurant Application Form?

The form is pre-designed with most restaurant hiring needs in mind.

  • Personal Information: Applicants begin by entering their name, email, and complete address, ensuring that contact and geographical data are accurately collected.
  • Eligibility and Background Checks: Basic checkboxes and questions regarding authorization to work in the United States and any felony convictions provide an initial screening to comply with the state and legal employment requirements.
  • Educational Background: Information on high school graduation or GED attainment can help collect the applicant’s educational information.
  • Work Availability: Applicants can select their available days for work, allowing employers to match potential hires with needed work schedules and requirements.
  • Desired Position: Candidates can also indicate which role they are applying for, from positions like host and server to kitchen roles such as line cook and dishwasher.
  • Resume Upload: A crucial file upload field where applicants can upload their resume, providing a comprehensive view of their experience and qualifications.

For restaurant owners and managers, the Restaurant Application Form Template is a great step toward optimizing the restaurant hiring process. By gathering information upfront, you can focus on selecting the best candidates to interview, reducing the time and resources spent on recruitment.

Use this template for your restaurant’s hiring to ensure you attract and identify the most qualified professionals to join your team. With WPForms, build a stronger, more skilled team ready to deliver exceptional dining experiences with the restaurant application form template.