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Do you want to allow website users to submit requests directly through your site? If so, then you need the Request Form Template from WPForms.

This form template is perfect for allowing your users to request information, services, or goods from you.

Using the Request Form Template

On this basic form template, you’ll find these essential fields and functions:

  • Contact Information: The first section of the Request Form Template focuses on gathering essential contact details. The requestor’s name, email, and phone information provide you with a direct line to your users, enabling personalized communication and follow-ups.
  • Details of Request: This section captures the heart of the request, including the requested start date, end date, and a detailed description. It ensures that your users can convey their needs precisely, making it easier for you to understand and fulfill their requests.
  • Requested Resources and Documentation: Next, users can specify the resources they require. Whether it’s equipment, personnel, or materials, having this information readily available helps you allocate resources efficiently. Then, if your users need specific documents, files, or references, this form allows them to outline their requirements.
  • Requested Deliverables and Follow-Up: Understanding what your users expect as deliverables is crucial. These fields help in setting clear expectations and timelines for both parties involved. Additionally, users can outline their preferred mode of follow-up, ensuring that you reach out to them in a way that suits their preferences.
  • Requested Budget and Approvals: For projects or services with budget considerations, users can input their budgetary requirements, allowing you to tailor your offerings accordingly. And, if multiple approvals are needed for a request, this section ensures that the necessary parties are identified, streamlining the approval process.

Having a Request Form improves your ability to manage and allocate resources effectively, and fosters transparent communication between you and your audience.

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