Refund Request Form Template

Do you run an eCommerce store or sell any products at all? You’ll occasionally need to process a few refunds. The refund request template is perfect for this and comes with all the essential fields you’ll need to fulfill refund requests.

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What Makes a Great Refund Request Form Template?

Customers looking to make a refund are often irate and need quick solutions. You certainly want to avoid having to go back and forth with them just because you didn’t get all the information you needed the first time.

The refund request form template is built to take into account all the basic info you might want to collect from a user in order to process their refund.

This includes the basic name, email, and address fields. The address field will be particularly useful if you’ll be processing any physical products. If you do sell physical products, you can enhance this field by using the WPForms Geolocation Addon. This will allow you to enable features like address autocomplete.

The refund form template also includes a checkbox field that lists the various products that you have on offer. The user can then tick the one they would like a refund for.

When the user clicks on any of the products in the checkbox, the form uses conditional logic to reveal a corresponding Product ID field. If you sell just a few products and don’t have Product IDs, you can simply delete the Product ID fields.

There is also a Total Claim field that shows the total value of refunds claimed, which will come in handy if customers are seeking a refund on more than one item. Lastly, the form features a Message/Comment box labeled Reason for requesting refundĀ along with a Request Date field.

This form template is best used by small eCommerce stores or sites that sell digital products and other intangible items like licenses.

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