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Project Charter Form Template

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Describe in more detail how budget will be spent.

Looking for an easy way to submit project charters? With the project charter form template from WPForms, you can submit all the necessary information about your upcoming project. Embed it on your WordPress site and project managers can submit electronic records in minutes.  No coding is necessary.

What Goes on a Project Charter Form Template?

A project charter is a road map that sets your team up for success. It organizes the critical project information into a one- or two-page document that provides a high-level overview of the project, who will work on it, and how it will be completed. It also outlines the general budget and resources necessary for success.

A project charter can differ by industry or company in terms of what additional details might be included. Because it includes all of the fields mentioned above, our template is general enough to work right out of the box, but it’s simple to make any changes if you need them.

All our forms are 100% customizable with our user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder. It takes only minutes to adjust the template by adding fields you need and removing or changing ones you don’t. You don’t need any coding skill to do it, either. Use the template as a basis to create exactly the form you want to suit your needs.

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