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Product Review Form Template

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Looking for a form to let customers review your products? If so, you need the product review form template from WPForms. Embed it on your website and begin collecting reviews.

Why Use a Product Review Form Template?

Consumers often refer to product reviews when they’re researching a new purchase. There’s a good reason for this. Reviews can tell them a lot about the product, common issues with it, and whether others would recommend it.

Good reviews are more likely to sell a product. Bad reviews can negatively impact sales.

When you use a product review form template, you standardize the review collection process for your customers. Each one is asked to rate the product, and then there’s space for them to provide a review with more information.

In addition to being a good resource for potential customers researching your products, reviews can also be a good marketing tool. Feature them on your website like testimonials to help attract attention and build trust and brand awareness.

There are 2 primary ways you can use this product review form template. One way is to embed it on your website, perhaps on the product pages themselves.

Another way you could distribute the review form is by sending it in an email to those who have made a purchase. Their reviews could be posted on the site with the others, as well.

If you find that you need or want to make any changes to the form, they’re easy with our user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder. You don’t need any coding or technical skills.

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