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Product Recommendation Form Template

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Product Preferences

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The Product Recommendation Form Template by WPForms is designed for brands, eCommerce stores, and businesses that want to simplify the process of suggesting relevant products to their customers.

How Does the Product Recommendation Form Template Work?

The Product Recommendation Form Template requires the WPForms Basic License, since it uses numerous Fancy Fields to gather customer preferences efficiently and suggest products that align with their interests and budget. Fields include:

  • Customer Information:
    • Name: This is where your customers introduce themselves.
    • Age: Helps in tailoring age-appropriate product recommendations.
    • Email: Essential for sending product suggestions directly to the customer.
    • Phone: An alternative way to reach out to your customer if needed.
  • Contact Preferences:
    • Preferred Method of Contact: Customers can choose how they wish to be contacted.
    • Subscribe to Newsletter: A simple yes or no option for customers to receive emails.
  • Product Preferences:
    • Product Categories: Customers can check all that apply to showcase their interests.
    • Budget Range: Dropdown options help customers define their spending limits.
    • Preferred Brands: Customers can list brands they trust or prefer.
    • Specific Needs: Here, customers can describe in detail what they’re looking for in a product.

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