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Printed Merchandise Order Form Template

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The Printed Merchandise Order Form Template streamlines the ordering process for printed merchandise, making it hassle-free for both businesses and customers.

How Does the Printed Merchandise Order Form Template Work?

If you need a merchandise order form, this template is for you. This adaptable template simplifies sales, allowing businesses to gather customer information and product specifications effortlessly.

  • Select Product: This section displays all available products, complete with pricing and product images. Customers can easily choose their desired product, specify quantity, and select color preferences.
  • Custom Printing Location: Customers can specify where they want the custom printing applied, ensuring their unique design is executed precisely.
  • Design/Print Details: Customers can provide specific details about their design or print request, ensuring accurate customization.
  • Coupon: Customers can enter a coupon code to receive seasonal discounts. (Note: The Coupon addon is required for this feature.)
  • Total Amount: The order cost is automatically calculated, eliminating calculation errors and saving time.
  • Customer Details: Capture essential customer information such as name, email address, and phone number, facilitating communication and expediting the sale-processing procedure.
  • Shipping Address: A dedicated section for recording the shipping address ensures a smooth delivery process.
  • Delivery Instructions: Customers can specify any additional delivery requirements or preferences, ensuring a tailored and convenient experience.
  • Stripe Credit Card: All payment details are securely recorded to process the purchase. (Note: The Stripe Pro addon is required, and Lite, Basic, and Plus license holders may be subject to a 3% commission.)
  • Confirmation: The form concludes with a list of pre-agreed terms and conditions of the transaction, ensuring clarity and agreement.

Due to its integration with the Coupon Addon, this template requires the WPForms Pro license to be used. Unlock the potential of this template and experience the benefits of a simplified and efficient printed merchandise ordering system. Sign up with WPForms today and revolutionize your sales process!