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Parade Float Registration Form Template

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Contact Information

Contact Name

Float Details

Length, Width, Height
Theme, decorations, etc.
Props, banners, etc.
Singing, dancing, etc.
Power source, sound system, etc.

Vehicle Details

Driver's Name
Flatbed trailer, truck, cargo van, etc.
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A photo of your insurance card is acceptable
Fire extinguishers, first aid kit, etc.

Parades are a fantastic way to showcase an organization’s creativity and community spirit, but the logistics can be daunting.

So, our Parade Float Registration Form Template is here to simplify the registration process, ensuring that it’s smooth sailing for participants from start to finish

Navigating the Parade Float Registration Form Template

While we encourage you to customize this form however you see fit, it’s ready for you to use on your website immediately. On our Parade Float Registration Form Template, you’ll find these key collection elements:

  • Contact Information: Streamline communication with parade participants by gathering essential contact details. Ensure you’re well-connected with fields that collect the organization or group name, contact name, phone number, and email.
  • Float Details: Participants can paint a vivid picture of their float with this section. Here, they’ll specify the number of participants and provide their float dimensions. Registrants will also describe the float’s theme, decorations, and materials used, allowing organizers and spectators alike to get excited about their entry. They can also mention any special performances or acts, plus any unique requirements they may have, like a power source or sound system.
  • Vehicle Details: Safety is paramount during parades, so capture the driver’s name, phone number, vehicle license plate, and vehicle type to ensure everything runs smoothly. Also, don’t overlook the importance of proof of insurance – registrants can easily upload the necessary documents. They can also list the safety measures in place, and have plenty of space to include any additional comments or notes that could be important.

By using our Parade Float Registration Form Template, you’ll not only streamline your registration process but also showcase your commitment to professionalism and safety. Make your parade participation a breeze – sign up with WPForms today!