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MailerLite GDPR Form Template

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Use our MailerLite GDPR form to help your website comply with the world’s strictest privacy and security laws. 

This template aims to allow your site visitors to sign up for your MailerLite list. First, you’ll want to connect MailerLite to WPForms and then embed the form on any website page.

When your visitors submit the form, they can opt in to your list and also accept the storage of their data at the same time.

Check out the MailerLite GDPR form below:

What Our MailerLite GDPR Form Includes

Our MailerLite GDPR form has a checkbox to let users consent to their data storage. Remember, you can quickly customize the wording around the GDPR box. 

If you want more control over your GDPR settings, you can:

  • Stop all cookie and geolocation tracking from WPForms
  • Stop collecting and storing IP Addresses and User-Agent information related to each form entry.

Don’t forget to adjust the conditional logic in the settings for the MailerLite addon. You’ll want to make sure that contacts are only added to your list if they check the optin checkbox.