Library Book Request Form Template

Does your library need an easy way for patrons to make book purchase requests? Embed the library book request form template from WPForms on your WordPress site and you’ll be ready to accept those requests within minutes.

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Why Use the Library Book Request Form Template?

Libraries order what they think the public will like and want to read. They can’t keep up with all the books that are published, however. That’s where they rely on the community to tell them what it is they want to read.

Embedding a library book request form on your library’s website means it’s easy to access and always available.

The request form can also be useful to librarians who are making purchasing decisions. If they know a book is going to be popular, they’re going to order it. But the number of requests they receive could mean the difference between purchasing one copy or two, and that makes a big difference in wait times when patrons place a hold.

What’s more, having a well-placed and easily accessible library book request form on your website means that you don’t have to field a bunch of email requests. You can opt to receive the submission notification and then file that as necessary, but you’ll know that all of the information you need is included. No more back-and-forth emails.

And don’t forget that all of our form templates are 100% customizable. Our drag-and-drop form builder is easy to use so you can add what you need, remove what you don’t, and change anything to suit your library’s needs.

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