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If you operate in the realm of website management, you know that staying organized and responsive to user feedback is paramount.

That’s why you need our Issue Form Template. This form serves as a versatile tool designed to streamline your website’s issue-tracking and resolution process.

Navigating the Issue Form Template

This form template comes ready-made with all of the necessary fields to get you started, organized into three comprehensive sections:

  • Issue Details: Requiring a clear title and categorizing the issue as a bug, feature request, or other relevant types ensures efficient sorting. A detailed description can also be included here. The priority level will guide your team in addressing critical issues first, while specifying the team member or department responsible for resolving the issue promotes accountability.
  • Reporting Details: Document the date when the issue was reported along with the resolution date, if the issue has been successfully addressed, for efficient timeline monitoring. Next, stay informed of the issue’s status and resolution to maintain transparency. Then, allow users to easily upload relevant files, screenshots, or documents to provide additional context and clarity.
  • Submission Details: Finally, capture the name and email of the individual or team member submitting the form for easy identification and communication.

If you’re a website owner or manager, this form template is an indispensable asset. Sign up with WPForms today to gain access to the Issue Form Template and a gallery full of other form templates to use on your site.