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Holiday Boyfriend Application Form Template

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Do you want to find a date, companion, or boyfriend for the holidays? If you need somebody to introduce to the family, then get the Holiday Boyfriend Application Form from WPForms.

Requiring interested individuals to submit an application before meeting them can be an enjoyable and informative way to assess your potential boyfriend, before spending the holidays with him.

What Information Does the Holiday Boyfriend Application Form Include?

Our Holiday Boyfriend Application Form Template includes the following sections:

  • Applicant’s name and contact details.
  • Information about the applicant’s living situation and location.
  • Physical attributes of the applicant, including height, weight, eye and hair color.
  • Age and astrological sign of the applicant.
  • Whether the applicant is vegan/vegetarian.
  • If the applicant has pets.
  • Applicant’s drinking and smoking habits.
  • Relationship history and current preferences of the applicant.

Additionally, the boyfriend application form poses a series of open-ended questions for applicants to provide more insight into themselves. These questions cover the applicant’s hobbies, interests, musical preferences, favorite movies, TV shows, books, and podcasts.

Applicants are also encouraged to describe what they consider important in a relationship and can share any additional information they believe is relevant.

These sections serve as a foundation for your customized boyfriend application form. Plus, the WPForms form builder allows complete customization, enabling you to add screening questions that are pertinent to your specific preferences in a boyfriend.

Start using WPForms today to create and tailor your unique holiday boyfriend application form. By signing up with WPForms, you gain access to this template as well as thousands of other pre-designed form templates.