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Group Travel Plans Form Template

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Please indicate here any special circumstances, such as returning to different airports, etc.
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Are you coordinating large-group travel plans? If so, the group travel plans form template from WPForms will help you plan logistics without breaking a sweat. Use the Google Sheets addon to organize information from the form submissions and see everything at a glance.

Why Use a Group Travel Plans Form Template?

Maybe you have a group of people from your regional office who are all heading to a company retreat. Maybe you have several delegates from a local organization who are traveling to an international conference.

Whatever the reason, it might happen that several people from the same group are traveling to the same place at roughly the same time. If that travel is booked individually, you can use this form to coordinate those details. Then people can see who is on the same flight, find a ride to the airport, or offer to drive others.

A group travel plans form should always collect the name of the primary traveler, along with any other passengers traveling with them, such as family members, and basic contact information.

The form should also capture inbound and outbound flight information, including the airport, airline, flight numbers, and flight times.

When connected to the Google Sheets addon, submissions will automatically go to a Sheet you can share with travelers so they can see any shared flights.

Our form includes options to indicate interest in driving others or catching a ride. If either is selected, conditional logic questions will collect more details about travel preferences.

Remember, our form templates are 100% customizable with our user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder. Though this template is sophisticated, you can make any changes you need.

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