General Waiver Form Template

A general waiver form informs participants of potential risks in an activity, purchases, or general legal situations. The participant agrees to any foreseen and unforeseen injury or risk by signing the waiver.

Our waiver form is a signed contract of a release of rights, and with the participant’s signature, the waiver frees you of any legal liability or responsibility.

Check out the waiver form template below:

Form Preview

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Who Can Use Our Waiver Form Template?

A waiver form can be used in various situations, and the beauty of our form templates is that they’re fully customizable. We’ve added the standard waiver form fields, but you can adapt it to fit your business needs.

Typical uses of waivers include general liability agreements, educational trips, post-purchase waivers, and tour operators before they take groups on their tours.

Waiver Form Tips

When creating your waiver form, it’s imperative you include all possible details. To start, your waiver has to be clear. Make the points of the waiver obvious, and ensure the language easy to understand.

Once you’re happy with your waiver form, configure the settings to ensure you receive each submission in an organized fashion. Finally, update the confirmation settings to let your participants know their form submission has been received.

Use This Template