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Fundraiser Order Form Template

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If you’re hosting an online fundraiser, you know efficiency and convenience are key. To maximize your fundraising efforts, incorporating a well-designed form on your website is essential.

That’s why you should consider using the Fundraiser Order Form Template from WPForms for your site.

Elements of the Fundraiser Order Form Template

With this form template, you’re harnessing the power of these key elements:

  • Donor Information: Our Fundraiser Order Form Template captures crucial donor information, including name, phone number, email, and address. This data allows you to maintain a database of supporters, making it easier to keep them informed about your cause and future campaigns.
  • Streamlined Acknowledgments: Acknowledging your donors’ contributions is essential for maintaining positive relationships. This template prompts you to enter a gift acknowledgment name and address. This ensures that you can send personalized thank-yous, enhancing donor retention.
  • Simplified Donation Details: With customizable donation levels and an option for special requests, the form ensures donors can quickly and easily choose how much they want to contribute. This streamlined approach saves time for both you and your donors.
  • Real-Time Donation Total: This form template dynamically calculates the total donation amount based on the selected level and any special requests, offering full transparency to donors. This can encourage more substantial contributions and prevent any confusion about the final donation amount.
  • Secure Payment Processing: The inclusion of a Stripe Credit Card field guarantees secure and convenient online payment processing. Donors can feel confident that their transactions are protected, increasing trust in your organization.

Incorporating this Fundraiser Order Form Template on your website can significantly enhance your fundraising efforts. So, don’t miss out on the benefits of this form template — sign up with WPForms today! Signing up grants you access to this form template and thousands of others for your site.