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Family Photo Session Booking Form Template

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Family Contact Details

Primary Contact Name

Family Photo Session Request

Which location do you prefer?

Individual Session Requests


Your quote will be based on the information you provided above.
Please check to be sure that all information is complete and correct to the best of your knowledge. Pricing factors include type of photos. Every package includes a $100 sitting fee that will be collected as a deposit when the contract is signed. Special requests may result in an additional charge.

Are you a photographer looking to improve your booking process for family photo sessions? Our Family Photo Session Booking Form Template is your solution.

This form captures all the essential details needed to organize a successful photo session, promising a smooth experience for both you and your clients.

Using the Family Photo Session Booking Form Template

Let’s explore the fields, functions, and benefits that come with this form template:

  • Family Name and Primary Contact Details: Collects the family’s identification and primary contact’s information including an email address and phone number. This way, you have a clear channel for communication.
  • Type of Photo Session Requested: This dropdown menu allows clients to specify their needs (like headshots or family portraits), and aids you in preparation for the photo shoot.
  • Preferred Location, Date, and Time: Options like studio or outdoors help in planning the setup and logistics. Then, asking the form user to pick their preferred date and time schedules the session conveniently for both the client and photographer.
  • Family Member Names and Ages: These fields capture detailed information for tailored session planning. Form users can also easily add more family members and ages with these repeatable fields.
  • Individual Session Requests and Notes: Clients can customize the session with specific preferences or additional requests. The form template also allows for any extra details or accommodations to be noted.
  • Confirmation Checkbox and Date: This final step ensures clients acknowledge pricing factors and session terms while noting the date guarantees all information is current and accurate.

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