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Facial Consultation Form Template

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Do you want to organize a consultation for clients receiving a facial? If so, then you need the facial consultation form template from WPForms.

This form template is perfect for spas, salons, and any other businesses that specialize in skin and beauty services.

Using the Facial Consultation Form Template

A facial consultation form is a great way to gather information about clients before you meet with them for a consultation. It’s also useful for screening customers who may or may not benefit from your facial services.

The facial consultation form template includes questions and spaces for clients to provide brief medical history and skin conditions that can help you decide whether or not they’d be a likely candidate to receive a facial.

First, the form collects the name, contact information, and referral information from your client.

Next, the facial consultation form provides checkboxes for your client to indicate any medical conditions that may affect their facial. It also allows ample space for your client to describe any skin conditions that you’d need to know about.

Then, the form asks about your client’s history with facials and the types of skin products they use on their face.

Finally, the facial consultation form provides a space for your client to ask any questions of you that you can then cover in your consultation.

And, as always, this form template is totally customizable so that you can add or remove any fields, questions, or spaces that you need to prepare for your consultation.

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