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Estimated Due Date Calculator Form Template

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The news about one’s pregnancy brings about great joy and anticipation. That said, WPForms presents the Estimated Due Date Calculator Form Template to help healthcare providers, maternity websites, and pregnancy-related services.

How Does the Estimated Due Date Calculator Form Template Work?

With the Calculations Addon, made accessible with the WPForms Pro license, the Estimated Due Date Calculator Form Template’s auto-calculations provide real-time insights, taking the guesswork out of pregnancy planning. Fields include:

  • First Day of Last Period: A date selector field where users can input the first day of their last menstrual cycle. This date is crucial as it marks the starting point for estimating the due date for a pregnancy.
  • Cycle Length in Days: Users can adjust a number slider to reflect their menstrual cycle length, up to 35 days. This helps in making the due date calculation more accurate, as cycle length varies from person to person.
  • Estimated Due Date: This field automatically calculates and displays the estimated due date based on the information provided in the first two fields. It gives expectant mothers a clearer idea of when to expect their baby.
  • Weeks Pregnant: Another auto-calculated field, this provides users with the current week of their pregnancy, which helps in tracking the pregnancy’s progress and planning for upcoming prenatal milestones.
  • Email Address: A field for users to provide their email address if they wish to receive a copy of their results. It can also be used for sending future pregnancy-related information, updates, or reminders.

Sign up with WPForms today and access the Estimated Due Date Calculator Form Template. For healthcare professionals and pregnancy-related service providers, this template offers an essential service, enhancing the support and information provided to their clients.