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Do you want to make it easy for nonprofits and charity organizations to request donations from your business? Then you need our Donation Request Form Template. Not only is it easy to add to your WordPress site, but it also streamlines the process and helps you keep requests organized.

What’s in the Donation Request Form Template Sample?

With our donation request form template, you get the following fields:

  • Name field
  • Email address field
  • Event Name (single line of text field)
  • Event Description (paragraph text field)
  • Event date/time field
  • Address field
  • Requested donation amount (numbers field)
  • Donor incentives (paragraph text field)

Remember that this is just to get you started. All of our templates are fully customizable. Just use our easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder to add or remove fields as you need to.

Allow Requests for In-Kind Donations

Charitable and nonprofit organizations often seek monetary donations during fundraising. They also regularly look for in-kind donations or sponsorships for fundraising events. That could be a gift card, tickets to a local attraction, or some other experience they can include in raffle baskets or silent auctions.

You could customize the template form to add a checkbox field asking whether they’re seeking a monetary donation, in-kind donation, or either/both. This information is helpful for potential donors to know what will be most useful.

Then you could set up conditional logic so that the next question they see will be a direct response to their first selection. If they select monetary donation, it would ask them how much. If they select in-kind donation, it would ask what they’re looking for.

Determine Pickup/Delivery Logistics

Will the organization pick up the charitable donation at your business? Do you need to mail it to them or deliver it to the fundraising event? If you don’t have a process for this laid out on your website, the form is a good place to establish it.

You can add a multiple choice field to allow users to select whether they want to pick up the donation or have it mailed. Alternatively, because you have their contact information, you can reach out. Don’t forget to ask for a donation receipt!

Add a File Upload For Donation Request Letters

If you require a formal donation request letter, add a file upload field to the form. That will allow users to upload their fundraising letters and signed requests on letterhead.