Donation Receipt Form Template

Do you run a nonprofit that collects donations from businesses? These are generally tax deductible so your donors will want receipts. An easy way to meet this need is to use the WPForms Donation Receipt Form Template.

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Why Use the Donation Receipt Form Template?

With donation receipts, the important things to focus on are the details of the donor organization, the amount of the donation, and any other details that may assist in an audit.

The WPForms Donation Receipt Form Template takes these factors into consideration and is set up with all the form fields you’ll need for this. The template begins with fields for collecting basic data such as Donor Name, Email, Phone, and Address. These will be essential for establishing the identity of donors for legal purposes.

The Donation Receipt Form Template also includes a dropdown field where donors are asked if their donation was made in cash. If they choose yes, then the form will display a Donation Amount field using conditional logic.

If the donation was not made in cash, the form will then display a Donation Description field, along with a single-line text field labeled Approximate Cash Value of Donation.

Additionally, the template includes a Paragraph Text field labeled Purpose of Donation, and a file upload form that allows donors to upload any supporting documents they might have. Finally, donors will be required to add their signatures using the WPForms signature field.

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