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Course Enrollment Form Template

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Do you want to allow students to enroll in courses straight through your website? If so, then you need the Course Enrollment Form Template from WPForms.

This versatile template is designed to streamline the enrollment process for both on-campus and online courses and is a great addition to your website.

Why Should I Use the Course Enrollment Form Template?

Let’s explore why incorporating this form on your website is crucial for fostering a hassle-free enrollment experience for your users.

  • Streamlined Student Information: Our form template starts by capturing essential student details so that you have a comprehensive understanding of each enrollee. Full name, email, phone, and address fields ensure that you have all the necessary information to stay in touch with your students and manage your courses effectively.
  • Course Information Input: The Course Information section caters to the diverse nature of courses by including fields for Course Name, Course Location, and especially, the flexibility for students to choose between on-campus and online options. This adaptability ensures that your form can accommodate a wide array of course types, making it suitable for a variety of educational institutions and websites.
  • Clear Enrollment Payment Process: Lastly, the Enrollment Payment section is a standout feature, as it incorporates the ability to set and display the course fee, making it transparent for potential students. Then, integration with Stripe Credit Card provides a secure and efficient payment method for your form user.

Its versatility, user-friendliness, and efficiency make the Course Enrollment Form Template an indispensable tool for websites looking to stay ahead in the online education landscape.

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