Content Correction Request Form Template

Do you want a way to let readers request corrections or report inaccurate information in your articles? If so, the content correction request form template from WPForms is super easy to embed on your WordPress site. If a reader notices any mistakes, they can request a correction from the page.

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Use This Template
This should point to the article or post and not merely to the homepage.
Include details such as where the incorrect information appears in the text, what change is needed, etc.

Why Use a Content Correction Request Form Template?

Even the best writers make mistakes sometimes. Whether it’s a typo or a quote that’s been attributed to the wrong person, mistakes happen.

If you run a site that publishes a lot of content or you’re an avid blogger, a content correction request form is a must-have. You can publish it on your site and then include a link to it at the bottom of every article pointing back to it.

Anyone who spots information that’s incorrect, inconsistent, or otherwise requires an update can easily fill out the form. The form itself doesn’t need to be too complicated. Our template asks for basic contact information, the link to the article requiring corrections, and some information about why those corrections are needed.

It takes only a minute or two for the reader to fill it out and submit it.

While our template is pretty simple and is ready to embed right out of the box, it’s easy to make changes if you want to. The drag-and-drop form editor is user-friendly so you can add the fields you need and change or remove the ones you don’t. You don’t even need any coding experience.

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