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Community Needs Assessment Survey Template

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Are you conducting a community needs assessment? If so, you need the community needs assessment survey template from WPForms. Embed it on your WordPress website and let participants share their thoughts.

What Is a Community Needs Assessment?

A community needs assessment surveys a community to identify what it considers to be its biggest needs. Local government, community, and nonprofit organizations often conduct community needs assessments to help them determine how to best serve their communities and residents.

You can conduct the survey in a variety of ways. Our community needs assessment survey template uses a lot of dropdowns, multiple choice questions, and checkboxes. Although it’s a 2-page assessment, it takes only a few minutes to complete.

The first page asks for basic demographic information to help you understand the makeup of your community. The second page presents participants with different options within categories that include education, employment, health, housing, and others. Within each of those categories, they select the top 3 issues that they believe are the most important.

Using the Community Needs Assessment Survey Template

To use the community needs assessment survey template to its fullest extent, you’ll need to have the surveys and polls addon for WPForms. With this addon, you’ll be able to view charts and summaries of survey data without having to manually compile it from each response. All the hard work is done for you so you can focus on making your community a better place.

You’ll also want to customize the survey wherever necessary by including your own borough or township names and other community information. All of our forms are 100% customizable with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop form builder.

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