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Christmas Menu Form Template

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Are you planning a Christmas meal and want to gather guests’ preferences ahead of time? If so, then you need the Christmas Menu Form Template from WPForms.

Using the Christmas Menu Form Template

To start, our Thanksgiving Menu Form collects vital contact information from your invitees, including their name, email address, and phone number. This ensures convenient and efficient communication regarding their culinary preferences.

Next, the form dives into its primary purpose: menu preferences. First, your Thanksgiving guests will specify their desired main course, choosing from options such as turkey, ham, chicken, vegan, or vegetarian dishes. They can also indicate if they have no specific preference or provide their custom suggestion.

The Christmas Menu Form Template extends this approach to side dishes, desserts, and beverages, offering a comprehensive list of commonly favored items. Additionally, it’s incredibly user-friendly to incorporate your unique menu selections into the form, thanks to our intuitive drag-and-drop form builder.

Following the menu preferences, your guests will select their preferred mealtime, whether it’s lunch or dinner. Once again, they have the option to express that they hold no preference or provide their preferred timing.

Finally, the Christmas Menu Form Template dedicates ample space for guests to detail any allergies or dietary restrictions they may have, alongside an opportunity to include comments and special requests in their form.

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