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Children’s Library Card Application Form Template

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Parent/Guardian Name
Please note: if you are not a resident of this county, a library card will cost $20.
Does the child reside with you (at least part-time in cases of custody arrangements)
Child's Name
If no PIN is entered here, your library card PIN will be set to the last 4 numbers of your phone number.

Do you want to let parents and guardians apply for a library card for their children? If so, your library needs the children’s library card application form template from WPForms. Install it on your WordPress website to collect the information and permissions you need to issue a children’s library card.

What Goes on a Children’s Library Card Application Form Template?

Most of the information that the children’s library card application form template collects is about parents and guardians. The parent or guardian who is applying for the card on the child’s behalf must provide their own contact information, the same way they would if they were applying for their own library card.

Custody and guardianship can sometimes come into question when someone else is applying for a library card for a child. In this case, the person filling out the form is asked whether the child resides at the same address, at least part-time. If the answer is no, that parent or guardian will need to also provide information for the primary parent or guardian.

Finally, they must accept the terms and give their permission for the library to grant a card to the child.

The only real way it differs from a regular library card application form is that it asks for information about the child and their guardians, so it requires an extra step or two that the adult application doesn’t have.

If you find you need or want to make changes so the form better suits your needs, you can. Our user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder lets you easily add fields you need and change or remove the ones you don’t.

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