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Cattery Booking Form Template

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About Your Cat

Booking Details

All cats must be checked in before 3pm.
All cats must be picked up before 3pm.
Does your cat have any special dietary requirements?
Does your cat wear a collar?
Is your cat neutered/ spayed?
Where does your cat prefer to spend the day?

Vet Details

Surgery address
Is your cat insured?
Terms and conditions
All cats must be fully vaccinated within the last 12 months.
In an emergency, the owner agrees that veterinary treatment may be sought in emergencies without prior consultation of the owner.

Our Cattery Booking Form Template is crafted to streamline the online booking process for your cat hotel. This form efficiently gathers essential information necessary to ensure optimal care for the individuals’ cats throughout their stay.

Using the Cattery Booking Form Template

Here are the field options available in this template:

  • Personal Information: Collects the cat owner’s full name for identification purposes, along with their email addresses for booking confirmations and online communication. Contact numbers and addresses are also required to facilitate direct communication and emergency updates.
  • About Your Cat: Cat owners need to provide details about their cats, including their names, ages, breeds, and any specific color markings.
  • Booking Details: Records the arrival and departure dates of the cats to streamline the reservation process. Also, cat owners need to provide additional details like whether their cats have special dietary requirements or wear collars. Depending on their responses, additional fields may appear, allowing for specifying details such as dietary needs to be included. This extra information aids in the individualized care and identification of cats. Moreover, owners can specify whether their cats prefer indoor or outdoor environments, enabling cat hotels to provide tailored services.
  • Vet Details: Owners have to provide essential veterinary information, including the name of the veterinary surgery, the cat’s most recent vaccination date, and any required medications. This data is essential for staying updated with the cat’s medical condition.
  • Terms and Conditions: Consent field to agree to the terms and conditions of a cat hotel to complete the booking process.
  • Comments: Individuals can provide any additional information or instructions relevant to the stay of their cats.
  • Signature: Stores the digital signature of cat owners to authenticate the booking request.

Simplify the online booking process for your cat hotel by accessing this template through WPForms. Join us today to streamline your reservation procedures by easily collecting the necessary information.