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Attendance Form Template

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Are you organizing some event with several participants, or perhaps you run an organization? You might want to have a way to take daily attendance records.  An online form can be helpful, saving you much paper and time while also being more accessible to attendees, staff, and so on. The WPForms’ Attendance Form Template is ideal for meeting this need.

What Makes a Great Attendance Form Template?

Online attendance forms can be simple as long as they have a few essential fields. First, you’ll want to identify each attendee quickly, and second, you want a way to tell what time they clock in and out. The Attendance Form Template covers these effectively.

The template begins with a Date field and then continues with the usual Name, Email, and Phone number fields to accurately identify users. Next, there are two Time fields, with the first set to Time In and the second set to Time Out.

The template then offers a signature field for users to add their signatures and a Paragraph Text field for any comments they may have. Overall, this is a really simple but effective form template that can be used in several contexts.

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