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Allergies and Intolerances Form Template

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The Allergies and Intolerances Form Template by WPForms is tailored for hospitals, private clinics, and healthcare providers that want to record allergies and intolerance data along with the medication provided to patients.

How Does the Allergies and Intolerances Form Template Work?

The Allergies and Intolerances Form Template requires the WPForms Basic License since it uses numerous Fancy Fields to capture essential data related to allergy and intolerance. Here’s a brief description of the fields included:

  • Personal Information:
    • Name: Records the individual’s full name for personal identification.
    • Date of Birth: Essential for age verification and medical record accuracy.
    • Patient ID: A unique identifier for seamless record-keeping and retrieval.
    • Emergency Contact: Critical for immediate response in urgent situations.
  • Allergy Information:
    • Food Allergies: Details specific food allergies the individual has.
    • Reaction to Food Allergies: Describes the physical reactions experienced.
    • Last Occurrence: Indicates the most recent episode of allergic reaction.
    • Drug Allergies: Identifies any adverse reactions to medications.
    • Reaction to Drug Allergies: Specifies the type of reaction encountered.
    • Last Occurrence: Note the date of the last drug allergy reaction.
    • Environmental Allergies: Covers allergies to substances in the environment.
    • Reaction to Environmental Allergies: Outlines symptoms triggered by allergens.
    • Last Occurrence: Marks when the last environmental allergy reaction happened.
  • Management and Medication:
    • Current Medications: Lists medications currently being taken.
    • Action Plan for Allergic Reactions: Outlines steps to take in case of a reaction.
    • Dietary Restrictions: Notes any specific dietary needs or restrictions.
    • Physician Name: The name of the overseeing healthcare professional.
    • Phone: Contact number for the physician in case of emergencies.
    • Email: Email address for further communication with the physician.

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