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ActiveCampaign Multi-Step Form Template

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The ActiveCampaign Multi-Step Form Template from WPForms is the ultimate solution for your email marketing efforts.

The template is customizable and can be integrated with your ActiveCampaign account through the ActiveCampaign addon.

How Does the ActiveCampaign Multi-Step Form Template Work?

Using the Lead Form Addon, the ActiveCampaign Multi-Step Form Template enables businesses to make a newsletter form that can be divided into manageable sections with a progress bar to reflect completion status.

It also comes integrated with the ActiveCampaign Addon, which lets you add contacts to your account, record events, add notes to contacts, and more. This lets you give people who visit your website more ways to sign up for your email list.

The journey begins with the first step, where users provide their Full Name and Email Address. By splitting this step, we make sure that every encounter starts on a personal note. There is also a progress bar that shows how many parts of the form are left.

On the next page, users identify their organization and role in it. This prevents the customer from becoming confused by an excessive number of fields and makes the entire procedure simple and straightforward.

In the third and final stage, visitors may sign up to receive your newsletter or email updates. The opt-in checkbox aims to capture the essence of their choice so that they may receive the most up-to-date advice/tips for their business through email.

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