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If you plan activities that involve participation from others, you know that it’s essential to prioritize safety and risk protection. That’s where an effective waiver form on your website comes into play.

Introducing the Waiver Form Template

This basic waiver form comes pre-made with all of the fields, consents, and other details you need to get you started. Key elements of this form template include:

  • Participation Details: To kick things off, this form template gathers all of the essential information from your participant, including their name, birthdate, and contact information. This section also includes space to describe the activity this waiver is being used for.
  • Release of Liability: This release clarifies that the participant understands and accepts the risks associated with the activity. It protects you from legal claims should any injuries or accidents occur.
  • Assumption of Risk: Participants acknowledge that they are aware of potential risks, ensuring transparency and informed consent.
  • Indemnification Agreement: This states that participants will indemnify and hold you harmless in case of any legal actions related to the activity.
  • Dated Signature: Requiring the participant’s digital signature, along with the date of signing, adds an extra layer of authenticity and protection.

Incorporating a waiver form on your website is a smart move to protect your interests and ensure a smooth, transparent, and protected engagement with your audience. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up with WPForms to create your own waiver form to feature on your website.