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Voter Behavior Survey Template

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Are you registered to vote?
In which of the following elections have you participated in the last 4 years? Select all that apply.
How do you get information about candidates to determine who gets your vote? Select all that apply.
Which methods of voting have you used in the past? Select all that apply.

Are you looking to conduct a voter behavior survey? If so, you need the voter behavior survey template from WPForms. You can embed it on your WordPress site or send it out through email to collect responses regarding voter preparation and behavior.

What Goes on a Voter Behavior Survey Template?

To begin, please know that you shouldn’t ask people to disclose their votes. Instead, the purpose of a voter behavior survey is to find out more about how voters research the candidates, how often they vote, and which voting methods they prefer.

You can use this information to identify gaps, such as whether your community could use more programming with local candidates or better initiatives to encourage voting in elections other than the Presidential race.

From the survey, you can gather information about how often the voter votes. Our survey asks which elections they’ve participated in, which gives you an idea of how often they vote.

You also want to ask about how they’re getting their information about candidates. In a time where misinformation is common, it’s interesting to look at where and how people learn about candidates.

That information can help you determine if your community needs programs on media literacy and voter resources.

It’s also good to learn about how people vote in terms of whether they vote in person, by mail-in ballot, or some other way. That information can also help you to dispel voting myths and rumors to improve community faith in the voting system and encourage voter turnout.

Our template is 100% customizable. Use our drag-and-drop form editor to easily add what you need and remove what you don’t.

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