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Student Counseling Form Template

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Our Student Counseling Form Template offers educational institutions an effective solution for managing and streamlining their counseling services.

Elevate Student Well-Being with Our Student Counseling Form Template

This user-friendly template not only makes the process easier for counselors but also helps in gathering crucial data for adequate student support.

  • Personal Information: The fields in this section will help you record key identifiers like the student’s full name, student ID, email address, and contact number. Accurate record-keeping starts here, enabling counselors to establish direct communication channels with the students.
  • Academic Details: Understanding the academic pressures on a student can be pivotal in counseling. Thus, the form features fields to input a student’s Major or Department, year in school, and current GPA. This provides a foundational understanding of the student’s academic standing and areas where they might face challenges.
  • Reason for Counseling: The form has a section where the type of counseling required can be specified. It asks for the topic of counseling, be it stress, academics, or personal issues, along with a brief description. This valuable input helps in the initial assessment and tailoring of the counseling sessions.
  • Previous Counseling Experience: Having a history of previous counseling can offer incredible insights into ongoing concerns a student may be experiencing. This section queries whether the student has had prior experience with counseling and, if so, the specific instances and reasons for the same.
  • Availability: No one wants scheduling conflicts to stand in the way of crucial emotional support. The template, therefore, allows students to indicate their preferred day and time slots for appointments. An additional comments field lets the student offer more details that might help in scheduling, like work or class commitments.
  • Consent and Signature: Finally, the form includes an essential section for consent and signature. A checkbox ensures the student agrees to share their information for treatment purposes. A specialized signature field, available with the WPForms Pro License and the Signature Addon, adds an extra layer of official acknowledgment.

Join WPForms today to unlock this powerful template, and elevate your institution’s student well-being to new heights. When you choose our Student Counseling Form Template, you’re choosing a method that contributes immensely to delivering personalized and effective counseling services.