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Stall Holder Application Form Template

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Have you run a stall at our event before?

Would you like to allow local businesses to run a stall at your event? Our customizable Stall Holder Application Form Template lets you get applications for stalls so that you can easily review them.

What Should My Application Form Include?

Your application form needs to request contact details from local businesses and a brief description of the items they want to sell. We’ve included fields for the person’s name, their email address, and a note so you can get paperless applications and review them easily.

We’ve also added a multiple choice field so that your applicants can tell you if they’ve run a stall at your event in the past. The icons make this field easy to use, and this could help you to pick out applications from stall holders who were successful last time they attended.

Our form template is just a starting point and can be customized to suit your event. You can use it for seasonal fairs, jumble sales, or school PTA sales to raise funds.

For example, if you’re running a spring fair, you might want to ask stall holders if their items can be sold outdoors. This can help you to plan to accommodate different crafts, trades, or businesses in different locations no matter what the weather is like.

You could also add a file upload field to ask applicants to supply images of the items they sell. And if your applicants need to adhere to certain guidelines, you could add a checkbox field and ask them to accept your terms and conditions when they apply.

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