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Sports Team Sign Up Form Template

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Participant's Information


Sports Information

Medical Information

Consent and Agreement

Liability Waiver
Photo Release
Rules and Policies

The Sports Team Sign Up Form Template by WPForms is designed for schools, colleges, universities, or any entity looking to streamline registrations for upcoming sports events.

How Does the Sports Team Sign Up Form Template Work?

This template requires the WPForms Pro License and the Signature Addon to capture essential member information and secure digital signatures for agreement compliance.

  • Participant’s Information:
    • Name: Collects the full name of the participant for identification.
    • Date of Birth: Helps verify age eligibility for team participation.
    • Gender: Important for teams with gender-specific categories.
    • Email: Essential for sending team updates and communication.
    • Phone: For direct contact, ensuring no information is missed.
    • Address: Useful for sending team gear or important mail.
  • Sports Information:
    • Sport Interested In: A dropdown to select the specific sport.
    • Position Played: Identifies the participant’s preferred or best position.
    • Years of Experience: Gives insight into the participant’s level of expertise.
    • Previous Teams: Helps understand the participant’s sports background.
    • Practice Availability: Ensures scheduling aligns with participant availability.
    • Game Availability: Important for planning game rosters.
  • Medical Information:
    • Medical Conditions: Critical for ensuring player safety and preparedness.
    • Allergies: Prevents potential health issues during team activities.
    • Emergency Contact: A safeguard for urgent and emergency situations.
    • Phone: The emergency contact’s phone number for immediate communication.
  • Consent and Agreement:
    • Liability Waiver: Confirms understanding and agreement to participation risks.
    • Photo Release: Allows the team to use photos for promotional purposes.
    • Rules and Policies: Ensures the participant agrees to follow team conduct.
    • Signature and Date: A digital acknowledgment of the agreement to terms.

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