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Soup Sampling Entry Form Template

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Are you entering as an individual or business?
To help those with special dietary needs, please select all categories that apply to your soup.

Do you want to hold a soup sampling to showcase local restaurants and chefs? If so, the soup sampling entry form template from WPForms makes signups a breeze. Embed the form on your organization’s WordPress site and collect signups.

What Goes on a Soup Sampling Entry Form Template?

Soup samplings are generally held as cook-off events. They’re a great way to hold fundraisers and showcase some of the talented chefs in your community.

When you’re planning such an event, it helps to have a streamlined entry process so you know who is participating and which restaurants will be represented.

To start, you’ll want to collect the entrant’s personal contact information, such as email, phone number, and address.

After you’ve got that information, you can ask whether they’re participating as an individual or a business. This can change based on the rules of your soup sampling, but you might find that individuals want to compete against their favorite restaurants, as well, for some extra fun. It could also mean chefs entering apart from their restaurants.

If the participant is a business, collect details like business name and address.

Next, it’s time to ask what kind of soup the participant will make. This is important because it helps ensure creativity and variety. If 30 people showed up with chicken noodle soup, that wouldn’t be quite as fun as trying 25 or 30 different soups and special recipes.

Finally, ask participants to list dietary information about their soups. This helps when making signage so that people with special dietary needs know what they can and can’t eat.

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