Recreational Sports League Signup Form Template

Do you want to let people sign up for your recreational sports leagues right from your website? If so, you need the recreational sports league signup form template from WPForms. Embed the form on your WordPress site and participants can sign up and pay for their preferred leagues.

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Games take place on the days listed at 6, 7, or 8 p.m. You'll receive a schedule for each team or tournament.
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What Goes on a Recreational Sports League Signup Form Template?

Recreational sports leagues let anyone sign up to play for fun. No skill is required. Because it’s a league for fun and socializing, the signup form doesn’t need to collect tryout information or stats.

Be sure to collect the participant’s name and contact info, as well as their t-shirt size. If you order t-shirts for your league participants, you’ll need that information.

It’s a good idea to collect emergency contact information in case a participant would sustain an injury during league play.

After that, show the league options you have and their cost. It’s a good idea to include the day of the week that a specific sport will play. This helps people to know if it will work with their schedule, especially if they’re interested in signing up for multiple leagues.

Including a credit card payment field like Stripe is the most convenient way for participants to pay any fees.

Finally, recreational sports league signup forms will often have a waiver to sign or a box for participants to check to state that they know and understand the rules.

You can customize our recreational sports league signup form template however you need to. Our drag-and-drop form builder makes it super easy to add your own league’s info and add or remove fields.

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