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Nursery Medication Form Template

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Patient Details

Patient Name
Parent/Guardian Name

Medication Details

i.e. 2 mL
i.e. Every 4 hours

Physician Information

Pharmacy Information


If you operate a children’s nursery, you know that child health and safety are paramount. So, our Nursery Medication Form Template is here to help you simplify your medication management and promote the well-being of the little ones in your care.

Utilizing the Nursery Medication Form Template

Using this form on your nursery’s website can greatly enhance safety, while also fostering trust with parents. It’s a valuable tool to utilize for your childcare organization.

Here’s a breakdown of the important elements of our Nursery Medication Form Template:

  • Patient Details: In the first section of this form, your user provides the patient’s name and date of birth. This section also collects the name and contact information of the parent or guardian, so that you can quickly communicate with them for questions or emergencies.
  • Medication Details: Here, your form user includes the pertinent details related to the medication being used. These details include the medication name, dosage, and frequency so that you can ensure accurate distribution. This section also includes the start and end dates for the medication, along with the option to describe the reason for the medication. With this section, your form user is providing critical information for the safety of the child in your care.
  • Physician and Pharmacy Information: The names and contact information for both the child’s physician and pharmacy are collected next on the form. By having these details on file, your childcare staff can reach out to the professionals if ever needed.
  • Authorization: Before submitting the form, a parent or guardian must provide their digital signature. With this authorization, you have consent to administer needed medications to the child in your care.

For organizations that oversee the care of little ones, this form is a great option to provide peace of mind to parents and guardians. Plus, it ensures safety on behalf of the childcare providers.

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