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Are you looking for a notary form template for your legal firm ?

Use this comprehensive online notary form to obtain proof of the signer’s identity before you certify that they are an authorized party and legitimately signed a form.

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What Is an Acknowledgement Form?

An acknowledgment form is a statement to certify when someone has signed a document. It is also a legal procedure to verify the identity of the signer.

A notary verifies the identity of the person who is signing important documents by viewing government-issued identification documents such as a passport or driving license.

Notary acknowledgment forms are important legal documents attached to legal documents like power of attorney, last will and testaments, court documents, marriage or divorce papers, etc.

What Should Be Included in the Notary Form?

The notary form needs to collect personal identification details such as:

  • Name
  • Phone and Email
  • Address

You can add a checkbox to take confirmation from the signers about their identification details.

With the signature form field, you can collect electronic signatures from the signers without having to use any third-party app. Signing the notary form electronically makes it a legally binding document and can be used as a legal document for future use.

Use WPForms’ Notary Template

With WPForms’ notary form template, you will be able to accurately and efficiently collect all identification-related details from signers without any hassle.

If you want to add additional form fields to your notary form, you can do so easily using WPForms’ visual form builder tool. Furthermore, you will be able to change the notary form as per your needs at any point in time.

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Use This Template