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Media Release Consent Form Template

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Participant Information

Participant's Name
Mailing Address

Media Release & Consents

Consent for Photography and Videography
Usage Rights
Waiver and Release
Withdrawal of Consent
Clear Signature
Or Parent's/Guardian's signature, if applicable.

In this digital era, where every interaction has the potential to go public, safeguarding personal information and image rights is crucial. That’s where our Media Release Consent Form Template comes in.

With this form in place, you can confidently use media for various purposes, knowing that you have obtained informed consent and provided clarity on the terms of use.

Why Should I Use the Media Release Consent Form on My Website?

Incorporating a Media Release Consent Form on your website is a responsible and necessary step in the age of digital information sharing. It safeguards the rights of both your organization and the individuals involved.

On our Media Release Consent Form Template, you’re sure to  find these key components:

  • Important User Details: The Media Release Consent Form requires participants to provide crucial information, such as their name, date of birth, contact details, and mailing address. This streamlined process ensures a seamless user experience, making it convenient for them to grant or withdraw consent.
  • Ensured Compliance: In an era of stringent data protection regulations, obtaining consent for photography and videography is paramount. This form includes checkboxes for consent, ensuring that your organization complies with specific requirements and respects participants’ rights.
  • Media Usage Rights: By using this form, you gain explicit consent to use, reproduce, and distribute photographs and videos. This simplifies the process of obtaining rights, eliminating potential legal hassles and allowing your organization to use media content without compensation concerns. Plus, the form’s built-in withdrawal option empowers participants to maintain control over their media presence.

Incorporating the Media Release Consent Form into your website not only enhances user engagement but also ensures compliance and transparency. Sign up with WPForms today to unlock the power of this form and take your website to the next level.