Meal Delivery Signup Form Template

Do you need volunteers to deliver meals to the elderly, infirm, and others in your town? If you run a volunteer-based meal delivery program, you need the meal delivery signup form template from WPForms. Simply embed it on your WordPress site or send it in an email and you’re ready to start signing up volunteers!

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Please note that providing your availability to cover a route doesn't mean you will be assigned to that route, but it helps us with our scheduling/availability.
Please note that weekend meals are delivered on Friday.
Please note that weekend meals are delivered on Friday.
Please note that weekend meals are delivered on Friday.

Using the Meal Delivery Signup Form Template

Meal delivery programs exist to make sure those who can’t easily get out, such as the elderly and infirm, can still get the proper nutrition. These programs are often organized through nonprofits or other social services and rely on volunteers to operate.

Organizing volunteers can be the tricky part, however.

When you use the meal delivery signup form template, you’ll be able to collect the information from potential volunteers that will help you to better organize your efforts.

After providing their contact information, they’re asked to select which routes they’re interested in. It’s good to give people options when possible because they’ll often choose their own neighborhoods. This can be a good thing when they’re familiar with the residents and their needs.

Our form template has 2 different routes with 3 runs per day to cover all meals. You can easily edit this with our drag-and-drop form builder so that it reflects the routes and schedule you need.

After selecting their preferred routes, volunteers can select which days they’re generally available for each run.

Finally, they can select whether they’d like to be included on a list of substitutes to call in case of a call-off or opening.

After it’s submitted, you have all the information you need to complete your schedule.

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