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Market Research Survey Form Template

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Dive into a treasure trove of consumer insights with the Market Research Survey Form Template, which can help uncover preferences, perceptions, and opportunities directly from your potential and existing customers.

How Does the Market Research Survey Form Template Work?

The form begins with fields like the respondent’s full name, age group, gender, phone number, and email address. This ensures a personalized touch and categorizes responses for a detailed demographic analysis.

After that, there are fields to gauge the market’s familiarity with your product or brand and how potential customers learn about your offerings. Such initial reactions can be instrumental in assessing your brand presence.

Then, there are fields to determine the frequency of usage, unveiling market habits, potential usage gaps, brand preferences, and purchase influencers that help craft targeted and influential marketing campaigns.

Respondents can further rate their satisfaction with your product or brand. This can spotlight your strengths and areas requiring attention. There are also dedicated sections to obtain open-ended feedback for improvements and more!

Since this form template uses the Survey and Polls Addon that requires the WPForms Pro license, each response filled out by a customer will also provide you with a visual graph and representation.

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