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HR Complaint Form Template

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Do you regularly field complaints within your organization’s human resources department? If so, then you need the HR Complaint Form Template from WPForms.

With this form, not only are you maintaining a positive work environment, but you’re also empowering employees and protecting all involved parties.

Using the HR Complaint Form Template

An  HR Complaint Form is an essential component of your company’s HR processes and is designed to facilitate the fair and efficient resolution of workplace conflicts.

A form like this doesn’t have to be over-complicated, as the purpose of the HR Complaint Form is to gather and record vital information related to workplace disputes. But since this is a WPForms template, you can easily customize this form to be as complex or simplified as you like.

Or, you can start using this form template on your site right away. We’ve included all of the necessary fields on this form.

First, the employee using the form is required to enter their name and email address. They are also required to provide the date of the complaint, along with a description of the complaint details. Your form user also has the option to list any witnesses to the issue in question.

The next required field on the HR Complaint Form Template asks the user to enter the name of the supervisor or manager involved, followed by the date of the incident and the location of the incident they are filing the complaint over. The form user then describes what action was taken and how the incident was resolved.

And, as we mentioned, it’s incredibly easy to edit this form template to suit your needs. You may decide to ask about the employee’s satisfaction with the resolution, for example. Simply drag the field you want to add to your form, drop it where you want it, and click on it to customize.

Lastly, on our HR Complaint Form Template, the complainant must provide their digital signature before submitting the form. But if you’re new to using signatures on your forms, don’t worry. We’ve included a bit of internal information with the form builder to guide you.

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