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Home Accessibility Assessment Form Template

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A key facet of inclusivity is guaranteeing that your physical space, whether residential or commercial, is accessible to everyone, irrespective of their mobility or sensory capabilities. Enter the Home Accessibility Assessment Form template.

Why Should I Use the Home Accessibility Assessment Form Template?

This form, tailor-made for easy integration into your website, acts as a gateway for individuals to request assessments of their home’s accessibility. Let’s explore how this form can benefit your site:

  • Comprehensive Information Gathering: At its core, the form is designed to collect essential details crucial for an effective assessment. Fields such as Name, Email Address, Phone Number, and Home Address ensure assessors can promptly contact individuals and schedule evaluations.
  • Customization and Clarity: The form’s dropdown menu for “Type of Residence” allows users to specify their living situation, be it a single-family home, an apartment, a condo, or another type. Additionally, the “Reason for Assessment” field enables individuals to articulate why they’re seeking an assessment, whether it’s due to mobility issues, vision impairment, or other reasons. Meanwhile, the “Current Accessibility Concerns” field allows users to pinpoint specific obstacles, from inaccessible showers to steep stairs, providing invaluable insight for assessors.
  • Efficiency and User-Friendliness: With features like number sliders for indicating the “Number of Occupants” and a repeatable field for inputting the “Age(s) of Occupants,” the form streamlines data input, promising accuracy without unnecessary complexity.

Whether you’re in real estate, home improvement, or simply prioritize customer satisfaction, this form is a great addition to your online toolkit. So, what are you waiting for? Get the Home Accessibility Assessment Form Template from WPForms today.