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Hair Extension Consultation Form Template

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Does your hair have breakage or thinning?
Is your hair strong enough for extensions?
Please indicate your scalp condition(s)

Do you want to organize a consultation for clients receiving hair extension services? Then check out the hair extension consultation form template from WPForms.

This form template is perfect for spas, salons, and any other businesses that specialize in hair and beauty services.

What Goes On a Hair Extension Consultation Form Template?

A hair extension consultation form should include client contact details and information about the condition of their hair. If you’re providing a consultation to your client, you need an idea of what to expect and how to best serve your customer.

That’s why we’ve included the following fields on our consultation form template:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Natural hair color
  • Dyed hair color
  • Length of hair
  • Style of haircut
  • Yes or no option regarding hair breakage/thinning
  • Yes or no option regarding strength of hair
  • Multiple choices for scalp conditions
  • Space to describe skin conditions
  • Space for client to ask questions

The options provided on the consultation form template allow you to get to know your client before conducting the consultation, so that you can advise your customer and answer any questions they may have about hair extensions.

It also allows you to quickly screen clients for your services, and decide ahead of time if they would be a good candidate for the extensions.

And since the form is totally customizable, you can edit or change the types of screening questions to include on your form. You may decide to add specific medical or skin conditions to your form, or include a space for interest in additional services.

It’s easy to do with the drag-and-drop form builder from WPForms.

Get started with WPForms today to create and customize your own hair extension consultation form. Signing up with WPForms gives you access to this and hundreds of other pre-made templates.