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Gaming Tournament Signup Form Template

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Participant Information

Gaming Details

Tournament Preferences

Consent and Agreement

Rules and Regulations Agreement
Photo and Video Consent

The Gaming Tournament Signup Form Template by WPForms is designed for event managers, game show hosts, and eSports organizers looking for a simple way to gather participant registrations.

How Does the Gaming Tournament Signup Form Template Work?

The Gaming Tournament Signup Form Template requires the WPForms Pro License and the Signature Addon to capture all the essential details from gamers eager to showcase their skills and acquire their consent for participation. Fields include:

  • Participant Information:
    • Name: Collects the participant’s full name for identification and communication.
    • Date of Birth: Ensures eligibility based on age restrictions for the tournament.
    • Email Address: For sending emails related to the gaming tournament.
    • Phone Number: Direct line for updates and essential communication.
  • Gaming Details:
    • Gamer Tag: The unique identifier gamers use in the gaming community.
    • Preferred Platform: Specifies the gaming platform the participant will use.
    • Game Titles: Lists the games the participant wishes to compete in.
  • Tournament Preferences:
    • Preferred Time Slot: Helps schedule matches according to participant availability.
    • Previous Tournament Participation: Indicates the participant’s experience level.
  • Consent and Agreement:
    • Rules and Regulations: A checkbox for participants to agree to the terms/ conditions.
    • Photo and Video Consent: Obtains permission to use participants’ images and videos.
    • Signature and Date: A digital signature field to validate the form submission.

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