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Game Playtesting Feedback Form Template

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Playtester Information

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Bugs or Glitches

Did you encounter any bugs or glitches in the game?

Overall Feedback

How difficult was the game?
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How likely are you to recommend this game to others?

The Game Playtesting Feedback Form Template by WPForms is an essential tool for game developers and designers aiming to gather comprehensive feedback from testers to refine their games effectively.

How Does the Game Playtesting Feedback Form Template Work?

This template requires a WPForms Pro License and the Survey and Polls Addon to function optimally. It collects crucial data from game testers through a series of well-structured fields, which include the following:

  • Playtester Information:
    • Full Name: Records the tester’s name to personalize any follow-up communication.
    • Date of Birth: Captures the tester’s age to ensure content suitability and for other statistics.
    • Gender: Identifies the tester’s gender, helping to address diversity aspects in game testing.
    • Email Address: Essential for sending game updates or further engagement related to the game.
  • Playtesting Details:
    • Start Date: The date when the tester began playing, useful for tracking testing periods and durations.
    • End Date: When the tester finished their playtest session, indicating the duration of engagement.
    • What do you like most about the game? Gathers positive feedback that highlights the game’s strengths.
    • What do you like least about the game?: Helps identify areas of the game that may need improvement.
  • Bugs or Glitches:
    • Did you encounter any bugs or glitches in the game?: A simple yes or no field to acknowledge any technical issues.
    • Please describe the glitch you encountered: If any bugs are reported, this field prompts for a detailed description.
  • Overall Feedback:
    • Rating for the game: Allows testers to rate the game on a 1-5 stars scale, providing a quick visual assessment.
    • How difficult was the game? A Likert scale to gauge the game’s challenge level from the tester’s perspective.
    • How likely are you to recommend this game to others?: Another Likert scale measures the tester’s likelihood of recommending the game.
    • What would you change about this game?: Activated if the overall rating is less than 3, prompting specific feedback on improvements.
    • Do you have any other feedback for the developers?: Offers space for additional comments that might not fit into other categories.

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