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Fitness Workshop Enrollment Form Template

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The Fitness Workshop Enrollment Form Template offered by WPForms provides a convenient solution for fitness trainers, gyms, and wellness centers who want to create an easy enrollment process for their workshops and programs.

How Does the Fitness Workshop Enrollment Form Template Work?

To effectively utilize the Fitness Workshop Enrollment Form Template, you’ll need the WPForms Pro License, as it incorporates the Signature Addon to ensure consent and agreement from participants. Fields include:

  • Participant’s Details:
    • Name: Collects the participant’s full name for identification purposes.
    • Age: Gathers the participant’s age to ensure suitability for the workshop.
    • Email: Provides a means of communication for workshop updates.
    • Phone: Collects the participant’s contact number for communication purposes.
    • Address: The participant’s residential address for informational purposes.
  • Workshop Information:
    • Workshop Selection: Participants can choose the workshop they wish to enroll in.
    • Fitness Background: Provides insight into the participant’s previous fitness experience.
    • Primary Objective: Asks participants about their main goals or objectives for the workshop.
  • Terms and Conditions:
    • Consent Checkbox: Ensures that participants consent to the terms and conditions of the workshop enrollment.
    • Signature: Requires participants to provide a digital signature as formal enrollment confirmation.
    • Enrollment Fee: Specifies the fee associated with workshop enrollment the user has selected for their fitness.
    • Payment Details: Collects necessary payment information if applicable for processing enrollment fees.

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